I help businesses gain and retain more customers through proven B2B sales and marketing strategies.

I'll give you an unfair advantage over your competitors.


Teaching you my MCA² methodology gives your company and team a proven game plan for continuous learning as a competitive advantage.

Reduce Sales Turnover

Teach you how to substantially reduce sales turnover. (MCA² methodology and framework)

Company Team Building

I will help you build tight alignment between your marketing, sales, and customer service teams. (MCA² methodology and framework)

Retention & Expansion Strategies

Proven retention and expansion strategies that are fast to implement. (Strategic Customer Cycle²)

Strategic CRM Training

Strategic CRM training for your sales team and/or company-wide that helps you retain and gain more customers. (Strategic Customer Cycle²)

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“Survey of 725 B2B buyers conducted in November and December 2021 revealed that 72% of customers said they prefer a “rep-free experience,” or completing their purchase without speaking to a rep at any point due to a perceived lack of seller relevance in achieving their specific objectives.“ - Gartner

Scott Marker will have both your prospective and existing customers' want to talk to one of your industry experts!

Introducing the book “Broken” by Scott Marker – the definitive guide to transforming your B2B sales and marketing strategies, to gain an “unfair” advantage over your competitors.

Based on over seven years of in-depth research and interviews with top CxOs, sales leaders, and frontline salespeople, Scott exposes the shocking truth about the outdated and ineffective methods used in traditional B2B sales.

In “Broken,” Scott unveils his revolutionary Mixed Customer Arts² (MCA²) methodology and model that will forever change the way successful B2B companies GTM, go to market is done.

Learn how to serve your customers more effectively without resorting to cold-calling, leverage your CRM to gain and retain more customers, and implement an ethical compensation model that rewards sales professionals for bringing in only the best customers and retaining them for the long-term.

Say goodbye to unrealistic expectations and the sky-high turnover of your salespeople and embrace a buyer-centric approach that aligns marketing, sales, and customer service for company-wide success. “Broken” provides practical and modern insights into company-wide alignment, realistic goal setting, and KPIs that put the buyer at the center of your revenue strategies.

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About The Author

Scott Marker is a 30-year B2B sales and marketing thought leader, and he is still working in the B2B sales/marketing world to this day. He is a successful speaker and the author of Let’s Get It On! ‘Real’istic Strategies for Winning the Sales Game and BROKEN – How to Fix B2B Sales, Drive Profitable Growth & Win.

He is the founder of MCA², LLC, a B2B sales and marketing strategy company. He has trained and consulted on B2B sales and marketing for over two decades. He has helped small startups to facilitating the B2B sales kickoff for Verizon Inc., a Fortune 50 company, for all of Idaho.

He is the owner of a successful, professional networking franchise, Treasure Valley NIA, LLC. Network In Action International is headquartered out of Houston, Texas. Scott earned the 2019 Top Gun NIA Franchisee of the year award in his first year and he was asked to be a founding Advisory NIA Franchise Board Member.

He joined the Boise State University faculty following six years as a guest speaker in marketing and sales classes. He is an adjunct professor facilitating Marketing 321, a marketing and sales course.

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